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Certified Organic Living Soil. Crafted for Cannabis.

Our sister company, Crystal Cure, a Licensed Producer (LP) of Cannabis in Canada, challenged us to develop a recipe for their own proprietary living soil to grow high-grade, non-irradiated Cannabis. They tried others on the market but weren’t happy with the results. This new soil mixture, now known as ADONIS LIVING SOIL™ features natural ingredients from eastern Canada, and many from within a very short distance from our home in Shediac Cape, New Brunswick. We are now bringing that same soil to the market. We believe cannabis (and many other plants/crops) grown without human-made fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers allows the plan to flourish naturally. We know you’ll agree after trying it.

Every Farmer Knows it Starts With Soil.

Farming organically is far from easy. In order to try and replicate the wonder of Mother Nature, your crop requires a near perfect ecosystem to ensure its health. This hard work can be rewarded with beautiful, healthy crops and it all begins with the soil. Our recipe of hand-selected ingredients all play their part in creating a vibrant grow environment for your plant.

You got questions, we got the answer.

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Our Story

It all started when our sister company gave us a challenge. We knew that once it was perfected and tested that many farmers and grow enthusiasts could benefit from it. We’ve worked hard since 2017 to fine-tune the recipe and source the finest organic ingredients we can. Every bag of soil is made in our beautiful facility located on 48 acres of certified organic land in gorgeous Shediac Cape, NB.

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